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Pandora’s Health trends of 2023

As we finally get used to the fact that it’s 2023, let’s take a look at what the up and coming health trends will be for the year ahead.

Healthy eating on a budget

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January is, of course, the time of year for resolutions and good intentions. This year, however, we’re also in the midst of a cost of living crisis that’s seeing everyone attempting to cut down on their grocery bills whilst still trying hitting their nutritional goals.

The result? Every supermarket and magazine are doing everything they can to entice people to their stores, and every recipe that I’m seeing comes with full cost breakdowns at individual portion levels.

This means that fancy powders, potions and seeds may not be fully out of people’s baskets, but they’ll be factored into an overall budget. What’s more, people seem to be swapping fresh for frozen food, as it’s often fresher than fresh produce (yes, you read that right) and won’t go off as quickly as food in the fridge. In fact, Statista are saying that the global frozen food market will increase by over 40% by the time we hit 2026, so watch this space as supermarkets come up with even more varied frozen goods.

Drinking mindfully and alcohol alternatives

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Low/no alcohol drink varieties and sales have nearly doubled in the past 5 years, and I don’t think there’s any sign of their dwindling popularity. Sober Curiosity if a topic I’ve covered before, and as we reach the end of another Dry January, teetotal drinkers will be spoiled for choice with a variety of beers, wines and spirits. Personally, I particularly enjoy the Gordon’s Pink 0%.

But what about CBD? Well, I’ve been seeing CBD drinks pop up on the shelves of several trendy establishments, and it’s a reflection of the more than 20% global growth in CBD drinks. As certain parts of the world have decriminalised cannabinoids, it’s no surprise that their benefits will be included in more beverages.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

A person laying in bed, fiddling with their hair – Pandora's Health Blog (credit: Unsplash)

Have you been seeing targeted ads for new mattresses and pillows, or is it just me? Sleep is another trend that will continue to grow this year, and with World Sleep Day not too far away (17th March 2023), keep an eye out for emails and products claiming that they have just what you need to help you get a good night’s sleep.

I’ve recently written about my experience trying sleep supplements, but here are some general tips to help you start your better sleep journey:

  • Avoid caffeine late in the afternoon and into the evening, as it has a half life of about 7 hours
  • Try to not watch anything or scroll on your phone in bed for about an hour before you want to doze off
  • Give meditations, breathing techniques and even white noise a go
  • If you can (and I’m aware that folks working irregular or night shifts may not have this privilege) try to find and stick to a consistent sleep schedule that works best for you

What else is in store for health & wellness in 2023?

Well, there are a lot of predictions out there but these are my top three. Just remember, trends often come and go, and with the advent of social media they’re moving faster than ever. If you fancy trying something new, I say go for it… just as long as it doesn’t break the bank or lead to something harmful, like an injury or a distorted view of what’s ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

If you’ve already tried any of the above or think you might give them a go, comment below! Or, if you think there’s a big up and coming trend that I’ve missed, drop me a line – you may even be able to write your very own guest post!

Thanks for reading. Sign up to Pandora’s Health to for even more advice, tips and tricks about the latest trends.

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