5 healthy habits to have before 30

Your twenties are a time of huge change and growth, and you can feel like a completely different person at 30 than you did at 20. What are the essential healthy habits that you should have at this age?

Find a form of exercise you enjoy

Exercise goes through its own trend cycles. Think of cross fit, barre, and the rise of peloton during lockdown! But, while trends come and go, they can be useful for helping you find a form of exercise that works well for you.

Personally, I used to be a yoga devotee but I now find that, thanks in part to a wrist that hates weight being put on it now, that I much prefer other forms of gentle exercise like pilates. Finding a gym that I finally enjoy going to also helps, and I’ve learned that I enjoy using adaptive weight machines for my arms and legs.

Ditch the fad diets

By the time you hit 30, you’ll have probably realised that you can’t eat anything and everything like you used to 10 or more years ago. Your metabolism starts to slow during this decade, so it can be tempting to try various fads and fixes in an effort to regain your younger, slimmer bod.

These diets don’t only waste your time and money, but they may do more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to find a personal balance with eating healthy, but also enjoying the food you love.

Keep track of your expenditures and savings

As a Millennial, I currently don’t own a home but I sure am working my way towards it! My spending wasn’t great in my early 20s, as I suffered from ‘lifestyle inflation’ right as flavoured G&Ts became all the rage.

Now though, I use the ‘Pay Day Save Day’ mentality of shoving money into savings on the day I get paid. It becomes a regular outgoing and by putting it into a different account as soon as possible, the temptation isn’t there to spend it.

But, please don’t think that I’m a member of FIRE movement (financial independence, retire early). I still indulge in lattes, the occasional avocado toast and I’m keeping a firm hold of my streaming subscriptions.

Discover JOMO

We all know what it’s like to stay home, and I’ve found that 2022 is the year of catch up socialising. My weekends are busy seeing this person or going to that place you haven’t managed to yet, but I try to find time to just veg out at home.

When you’re comfortable at home, doing whatever you like, there’s nothing wrong with missing out.

Be kind to yourself

When you hit your thirties, you suddenly become the adult in the room! But despite being a fully blown adult, you’re not always going to have the answer for everything. And you know what? That’s okay?

The important thing to remember as you go into this decade is to cut yourself some slack, and time the time to invest in some much needed self care.

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  1. This was a very insightful blog. I hope it reaches readers in their 20s. I concur with some of the points you made. A good exercise regime is key in one’s 20 because maintaining an ideal body weight during this period helps as one crosses over into their 30s. While the 20s are the best time to have fun, explore the world and establish a career, it’s the best time to start a financial savings plan.


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