My go to wellness gifts

Don’t know what to get your favourite wellness guru this Christmas? Don’t worry, I’ve got you sorted.

I don’t know about you, but buying gifts this year has been hard. I constantly ask my friends and family, “What you do want for Christmas?” only to be met with shrugs.

If, however, you know someone who’s into wellness or has mentioned that they want to improve their health then I’ve got the gift guide for you!

For the protein obsessive

Strawberry smoothie in mason jar with metal straw – visit Pandora's Health

Over the past few years, protein has become the macronutrient of choice. The supplement market has grown like crazy, and whole aisles are now dedicated to both animal and plant based protein.

I’m a fan of Form Nutrition’s range, and I regularly use their Performance Protein after a workout. The consistency and flavour is great, it’s all made from plants and the bags are even compostable!

Here’s link to their website where you can find out more.

For the outdoor adventurer

Woman walking towards mountain and sunlight – visit Pandora's Health

Getting outside for fresh air and stretching our legs has become the go to pandemic activity. Personally, I’ve explored more places around my town than ever before, and appropriate clothing is essential!

With that in mind, I heartily recommend Acai Outdoorwear. They have a great range of trousers, tops and accessories and are a durable addition to any walking wardrobe.

For the hygge devotee

Little book of hygge flat lay – visit Pandora's Health

We all about hygge by now, don’t we? It’s all about being comfy and cosy, and it’s an essential part of my own wellbeing regime.

Otter Candle Co is a brilliant brand of handmade candles, with carefully crafted scents that last burn after burn. There’s even a candle for sale called Hygge at the moment, which combines scents of cranberries, oranges, cinnamon and other scents. I’d even recommend you get one for yourself, as they’re so good!

What are your go to wellness gifts? Share your ideas below!

  1. I love the idea of wellness gifts! A week ago I got a beautiful new workbook which could be a bullet journal or a gratitude journal! I also love wellness hampers. There super easy to tailor to people’s needs and interests


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