Are you sober curious?

The pandemic has hit a lot of livers pretty hard. Low and no alcohol brands are popping up more frequently these days, so should we all embrace sober curiosity?

I don’t know about you, but 18 months ago (yep, it’s been that long) I was hitting the bottles of wine and gin pretty hard. Successive lockdowns and the burden of living in a pandemic led to many a virtual happy hour or pub quiz, and drinking livened life up.

For a while, at least.

I realised that getting through a bottle and a half of wine and tripping over the coffee table at the end of the night wasn’t sustainable.

Since then, I’ve slowly been cutting down on my alcohol intake. I started my spreading a bottle of wine out over a week/long weekend and as I’ve joined the gym to improve fitness (not to mention fit in my jeans) I even went a month without the ‘demon drink’.

As it turns out, I’m sober curious. Yes, teetotalism is out and sober curiosity is in.

This trend is not new

Ever heard of a temperance bar? Or maybe, prohibition? Low and no alcohol movements/lifestyles have always had waves of popularity.

We are currently riding that wave, as less and less young people in England are drinking (this has actually been in decline over 15 years). Additionally, a staggering 6.5 million people took part in Dry January this year!

Sober October is also picking up popularity, right in time to give your liver a break in time for the festive season. Here’s where you can find out more.

The benefits of cutting down

I definitely felt some of these effects in my dry month, and you might feel some of these too:

  • More energy
  • Better concentration
  • Improved skin quality
  • Deeper sleep
  • Weight loss

If you’d like to find out more about cutting down, I recommend visiting Drinkaware.

My go to dry drinks

If you’re a fan of a cheeky G&T and maybe have at least one glass that says ‘Gin O’clock’, then I’d recommend Seedlip. I’m a fan of their citrus Grove 42 rather than their more herbal concoctions. I’ve also found that fruit cordial and tonic works well as a budget friendly option.

If you’re on the go and don’t want to indulge in a tinned cocktail, Punchy have a nice range as well. It’s a soft drink that feels slightly more elevated than your typical lemonade or cola.

Finally, if wine or bubbly is your go choice – alcohol free Prosecco is a must! Most alcohol free wines are definitely missing the signature alcoholic tang and can be a bit too sweet (but do in a pinch), but with the addition of bubbles, a drink like Nozeco still feels like a treat!

Are you trying to, or plan to cut down on your alcohol consumption? Share your go to dry drinks below!
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  1. I had to stop drinking alcohol about six years ago because of a health condition and medicine that didn’t mix with alcohol. After a year I didn’t need the medicine and could go back to drinking alcohol. But actually I felt so well without my nightly wine or cocktail I decided to avoid it entirely. I agree with you, the alcohol free Prosecco is lovely.


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