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My New Years resolutions

Well, hello 2020! As a new decade dawns, I’ve prepared my list of New Years resolutions. So, what are they? Read on and find out!

I have mixed emotions about New Years Resolutions. For many people, it inevitably devolves into weight loss and fad diet culture, and this needs to change. I’ve previously written about resolutions that have nothing to do with weight loss and this year, I’ve decided to share my own, personal resolutions. So, what are they? Let’s find out.

Trying new recipes

A lot of the recipes I use are either recipes I’ve inherited, or ones that I find online (my Pinterest account is full of recipes). But, I love a good cookbook. My boyfriend recently bought me a copy of Antoni in the Kitchen and I loved reading through his story and food ideas. Now that I have several cookbooks, it’s made me think of a great resolution for myself.

I’m going to try a new recipe from one of my books, every week! This way, I’ll really get to experience a variety of new foods and they won’t just be decorations on my bookshelf.

And, I can guarantee that some of these recipes, especially the ones from Jamie’s Comfort Food, will not be boring, balanced, Buddha bowls!

Continuing my exercise journey

I’ve been a member of David Lloyd gyms for almost a year and although it’s expensive, the services are worth it. The price is also an incentive to attend!

Now, for the past few weeks I’ve slacked off and I’ve already been getting back into the swing of things by visiting the nearest club to my parents over the festive season.

I’ve found that I enjoy a mix of pilates (I tried yogalates and its hurt my wrist, so best to stop), swimming and general gym floor exercises – so I’m keen to carry this on and get in the gym 2–3 times a week. What’s more, I’m combining my gym time with the excellent Nike Training App which gives me an achievable, flexible workout plan.

Starting to invest

There’s a big gap between men and women when it comes to investing. I have a few savings accounts, and I have a pension which is based on investments, but haven’t taken the leap into the world of investing money by myself.

I feel like 2020 is the perfect time to start doing this. I’m going to start small with the Moneybox app, and see how things go from there. Most of my transactions are based on my debit or credit card, so I’m hoping that the spare change from those purchases can go towards something.

Continuing with my 5 a day

I’ve previously written about my vegan experience, and how I tend to stick to a ‘flexitarian’ diet these days. I’ve also written about why I stopped counting calories, and I’m focusing on my vegetable intake and intuitive eating.

It’s still a work in progress, but I can honestly say that I’m far happier. So, my final resolution is to focus on getting my 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. I know it’s supposed to be 7 or even 10 but, let’s be real here.

With breakfast, I can have a serving of berries or a banana, or both! Lunch tends to be a vegetable filled soup or generally some other vegetarian meal from the night before, and dinner will always be meat free Monday to Friday. What’s more, work provides free fruit so if I’m feeling peckish, I can pick up an extra portion – although I’m going to focus more on vegetables, rather than fruit.

What are your resolutions?

Let me know in the comments below. Whether they’re health and wellness related, or something else entirely, it’s always interesting to find out!

  1. Love how accessible these resolutions are and that you’re being honest about what’s achievable. I think this is where most of us fall down on sticking to them!


  2. Great resolutions and it’s great that you’ve stuck to things that are achievable. Mine is to get back into an exercise routine with a workout at least 3 times a week and to get my 5 a day – I’ve really slipped up with them towards the end of the year so I really want to work on it this year!


  3. Loved reading about your resolutions! This year I want to start swimming regularly in the hopes it will tone me up! Good luck with all your resolutions:)


  4. I found out a while ago that the best way not to fail on my New Year Resolutions is not to make any! I have written an article recently about this titled ‘Why New Year Resolutions are Doomed to Fail’ – ,’https://authorjoannereed.net/new-years-resolutions/ – Feel free to check it out!


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