Stop letting food be the boss of you

This is a quote that I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest. For me, to a certain extent, it’s true. In some cases though, it’s easier said than done.

Food can fuel your body and it can fuel your soul. From a soothing soup, to soul food and hearty home comforts, it can be there for you.

But it can also define your life, and even control it. These days, food labels are everywhere, and I don’t just mean the ones that contain nutritional information.

Vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, paleo, keto, low carb, raw, gluten free, whole 30, dairy free, anti-inflammatory. We have a name for almost every diet and eating style. It goes on and on and on and on.

Hard questions

When do you let food be the boss of you? – Pandora's Health

Where’s the line between watching what you eat, and obsessing about it? When does cutting back lead to cutting out? It’s important to ask ourselves these questions from time to time.

We’re bombarded with diet advice on TV, news, podcasts, magazines and social media. We’re told what we should do and what we shouldn’t do when it comes to food.

Not all of this advice is good advice. Some people may advocate a diet and lifestyle that promotes an unhealthy obsession with food. They may promise unobtainable results. They may even be medically and scientifically wrong.

But, when they look glamorous and yes, skinny, a lot of people take their advice and struggle to replicate the results they’ve apparantly seen.

Raising awareness

Eating disorder awareness – Pandora's Health

I’ve recently quit using MyFitnessPal (I’ll be writing a lengthy post on this soon) because I found myself worrying and obsessing about the number of calories I was consuming and burning. I stopped myself when I recognised the problem that was developing.

Sadly, a lot of people currently in the grip of a form of eating disorder. In the United Kingdom, that number is roughly 1.6 million, but it’s likely to actually be even higher due to under reporting.

It’s important to maintain awareness about this issue, especially as Wellness is so prevalent in our culture. If you’re in the UK and worried about your relationship with food and want to talk to someone, you can contact Beat, the leading UK eating disorder charity.

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  1. There us so much encouragement surrounding us to let food be the boss and be obsessed. I enjoyed this challenge of that.


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