My Sunday routine, sorted

Sundays are all about self care and meal prep these days. There’s endless lists of what you should be doing, but what’s made it into my Sunday routine?

Sunday used to be the day of rest. Now, it’s the day of getting sh*t done. There are countless articles on what to do on a Sunday night in order to be a Boss Lady but it can still be confusing, or even overwhelming, to know what works for you.

Trust me. I know. I’ve been there.

So what do I manage to do on a Sunday, in order to make my working week that little bit easier? Read on, dear reader.

Write my shopping list, but sometimes forget it

Is it bad that I panic when I forget my shopping list? Suddenly, I find that I can barely remember what I wanted to buy and I wander the aisles, aimlessly looking for ingredients.

The shopping list, and accompanying meal planner pad, has been a mainstay of my Sundays for the past few years and it makes life so much easier. I know what I’m making, what I need to buy and it tends to keep my food bills down.

If I don’t have time on a Sunday to food shop, and then don’t have time on Monday, my food budget goes out of the window. Pret a Manger and Itsu become my best friends.

Meal prep… and make a mess

Making healthy, tasty, economical meals is kind of seen as an essential part of a Sunday now. As a food lover and keen home cook, I can say that I’m on board!

I like to make a Sunday lunch/dinner, and that veers towards the very British roast/pie/meat and veg. I also tend to have other meals like my Thai sweet potato soup on the go, which I can take to work and eat in the week. It’s always vegetarian/vegan, as I don’t eat meat during the week.

Unfortunately for my kitchen, I tend to not focus on one pot cooking (though I probably should) so the pots, pans and utensils tend to pile up! I try to get through them though, and my boyfriend weirdly enjoys doing the washing up, so the kitchen isn’t a complete bomb site when Monday morning rolls around.

Change the sheets…every other week

If you’re someone who changes the bed every week, I commend you! I stick to once a fortnight though, and there really is something nice about the feeling of fresh sheets on the bed. Perfect for getting that early night.

Zoom round with the vacuum

How do you know when you’re ‘adulting’? When you get excited over a home appliance and want to regularly use it! This was the case for me when my landlord replaced my vacuum with a newer, working model. A few minutes of zooming around the flat forces me to clear the floor and suddenly, everything looks a little bit better.

Cover my face with clay

I’m a fan of a clay face mask, although I do sometimes indulge in a hydrating sheet mask too. What I’ve started to do is to put on the mask, and in the 15–20 minutes that it takes to dry I get the vacuum going.

If that’s not peak efficiency, I don’t know what else is.

I’m only human, and so are you

My Sunday Routine – Pandora's Health

I’ve tried to pick out a weeks worth of outfits, to avoid the agony of choosing every morning. I haven’t got into that habit yet though, especially as I live in England with it’s ever changing weather.

I also mean to paint my nails on a Sunday but with all my other tasks, I never get round to it!

The important thing is that I’ve found a few tasks that I can do on a Sunday afternoon or evening, and it does help. A tidy home really can help you relax, and I’m not spending £5+ a day on lunches. They’re habits that I’ve picked up over time, one by one.

So, if you want to ramp up your Sunday routine, I suggest trying one thing, not 10. You’ll find what works and what doesn’t. After all, life is about balance.

What’s your Sunday routine? Let me know in the comments below!

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