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My wellness heroes

There are so many people to be admired within this industry. But who are my heroes? Read on, because you might be surprised.

Ah, it’s time for ‘New Year, New Me’, isn’t it? Well, not so much these days. There seems to be something of a backlash against the idea of becoming a brand new person as Big Ben welcomes in a new year. That being said, one thing never seems to change…new year diets, or, at the very least, healthier eating.

So many people have tried this, my past self included. I don’t typically make major healthy eating resolutions anymore, although I am consciously taking part in Veganuary this year. But what can I say? I’m a blogger who focuses on health trends and Veganuary has grown in popularity year after year. There’ll be more on that later though (as in, next month when I’m finally reunited with cheese).

We also see the big health and wellness celebrities emerge, much like Michael Bublé at Christmas, with positive messages and tailored plans to help people live their best, most healthy lives that will absolutely last forever(!).

I, however, thought I’d focus this post on some lesser known, and perhaps even surprising wellness heroes. Have I intrigued you? Let’s get going with the list!

Adriene Mishler

Okay, so this choice should really come as no surprise. I’ve expressed my admiration before for her laid back, approachable style to yoga that finally helped me touch my toes after many years of living with a back injury. Adriene, thank you. 

Swayze Foster

I’m currently in the midst of Veganuary as I write this post, and during my research into veganism (recipes, mostly recipes), I came across her YouTube channel.  The ‘Unnatural Vegan’ takes an evidence based approach to her veganism and will openly disagree with other popular vegan bloggers and Youtubers who make claims that she disagrees with, on a scientific level. Bravo. 

Ruby Tandoh

You may know her from The Great British Menu (#innuendobingo), but Ruby has gone on to have a successful food writing career – and has even published a couple of books. The reason she’s on my list is because of one of these books. Eat Up: Food, Appetite and Eating What You Want advocates the joy, nostalgia and comfort that a meal can provide. She wants her readers to rediscover the pleasure of eating something nice, homemade or not.

I’m all about having a healthy relationship with food and not placing unnecessary restrictions on myself (literally typing this halfway through my veganism…). So, for this reason, she’s made my list. Ruby, you write beautifully.

Sadia Badiei

Sadia is a registered dietitian and vegan Youtuber. Her blog, Pick up Limes, focuses on having a healthy, simple, plant based diet and she is also a huge advocate of balance. Her calm, approachable demeanor on camera, much like Adriene, has won her a legion of over a million fans. Sadia, you deserve it!

So, there you have it. Four inspiring heroes of mine who I’ll be continuing to follow. I really do believe that their success will continue as they work hard because they spread the right sorts of messages. Being healthy isn’t about fast fixes and extreme diets, it’s about sustainable habits that help in the long run.

One question remains though…who are your wellness heroes?

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