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Winter Blues: how to revive your spirit, mind and body

Winter can be a tough season to get through. While we wait for the warmer weather and blue skies to return, why don’t you practice a seasonal revival?

Written by Amy Goldsmith

Don’t you just wish you were a bear sometimes? You chill in the sun and enjoy your life, and then when it gets cold and winter comes grumbling into your life, you just snuggle in under the covers and take a very long nap. No overcast skies, no biting cold, no gloom! And hey, some of us are so stressed that a season-long nap sounds like a godsend. But since we aren’t bears, how do we deal with the standard winter blues? How do we avoid that moodiness and the feeling listlessness that crawls into our mind every day? Well, we might have a few good tips for you.

Have a foot bath

The mix of freezing cold and wet snow that not even the chunkiest boots and warmest socks can protect you from can lead to swollen, achy feet. Instead of trudging through winter with sore feet, why not sit down, relax, and have a foot bath? All you need is a small basin, bath salts, a few drops of scented essential oils. Then you can sink your feet into the hot water and let it ease all the cramps and aches.

Indulge in some pampering

Winter pampering – Pandora's Health

The healthy glow of summer skin is something that we really start to miss when the cold comes. To avoid that dull, sallow complexion, it’s important to step it up and make sure we have clear and radiant skin even in winter. Try using this DIY mask once a week: 2 tbsp of avocado flesh, 1 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp of yoghurt, 1 tbsp of egg yolk. Mix all of this together, apply to a cleansed face, and leave on for 30-45 minutes. This will nourish and rejuvenate your tired skin and bring back the glow!

Play around with makeupWinter makeup – Pandora's Health

Bring some colour back into your life! It’s really relaxing to just grab a makeup palette (something with warm tones, like the Urban Decay Naked Heat) and start creating some art. Makeup has some incredible confidence-boosting properties and it makes us feel beautiful even on the days when our confidence is low.

Do a full face of makeup, or just stick to BB cream, mascara, and lipstick, and you’ll already feel better. Top it all off with some Youngblood Minerals in the Mist spray to set your makeup and give it a dewy finish. The misting spray also contains vitamins A and E, so it provides you with the much-needed antioxidant protection.

Light a candle

A nice scented candle to help you meditate, fill the room with good energy, or to simply give you something pretty to look at and set the atmosphere.

Drink tea and read

Winter revival – Pandora's Health

Nothing like a mug of hot tea and a nice book while you are cocooned in a warm blanket. Grab a nice romance or adventure novel, snuggle in on your favourite sofa, and let the vivid world of your book take you in. What better way to escape winter than by immersing yourself in a summer romance?

Go on a trip

How does a ski trip in Switzerland sound? Or maybe the hot beaches of Australia, or a mountain lodge in Italy? If you can afford it, travel and enjoy a small vacation in a wellness centre somewhere, or just go on a short road trip with friends to change the scenery and come back refreshed.

Eat something delicious

A bowl of warm, delicious goulash paired with some right-out-of-the-oven whole-wheat bread? It’s heaven! A healthy, filling meal that’s super tasty to boot is the perfect way to cheer up! Enjoy these winter foods, because they are one of the things that make this season unique.

The dull, grey feeling of winter does bright about some seasonal depression that can make us cranky and sad, but we won’t let that defeat us! Indulge in some self-care, travel, eat good food, and read good books! The season will be over before you know it.


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