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It is health that is real wealth

Mahatma Gandhi must be one of the most men people in history. This quote in particular stood out for me. That’s because I think it rings true in this modern age of health and wellness. We live very material lives, and while we may not carry pieces of gold and silver anymore, we still keep possessions that show our apparent wealth and success.

Good health doesn’t have to be expensive. We don’t need to attend elite exercise classes, wearing designer workout gear and drink overpriced smoothies. We can start small and still reap the benefits. It could be taking the stairs at work or adding extra veggies to our meals. What matters is that you’re still investing in yourself without declaring bankruptcy in the process.

More than anything, good health will carry you further than a pile of money. After all, you could be rich but live a life of excess that ultimately leaves you unhealthy and unsatisfied, Or you could live within your means and have a balanced lifestyle, and mindset.



  1. this is so true! 3 years ago I started to pay attention to my diet and started to eat healthier… I had this ridiculous misconception that healthy food was more expensive, and it’s really not. And if I’m helthy, I’m just prone to be happier!


    1. I agree, I think there’s a big misconception that healthy equals expensive. We all have different budgets, so what’s really important is being healthy within our means. For example, frozen fruit and vegetables are just as good for you, and sometimes at a fraction of the cost of fresh!


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