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Thai sweet potato soup

This vegan, spicy, smooth soup is made with only a handful of ingredients and is perfect for spicing up your workday lunch.

I’m going to admit something. I used to hate soup. I’d always found them to be too hot and too watery (I also need to point out that I struggle with hot drinks too), so I never really saw the appeal in them. Soups, or at least most soups, are good for you thanks to their high veggie count, filling nature and low energy density.  So after biting the dust and trying a particularly good bowl of spicy butternut squash soup, I knew that I had to give making my own a go.

After some trial and error, including a disastrous attempt at pea and mint soup, I now have my go to recipes. This is my favourite, and it’s so good.

It’s creamy thanks to the sweet potato and coconut milk, it’s got a deliciously subtle spice to it and it’s conveniently vegan (trust me, even die hard meat eaters will enjoy this one).

When a friend tasted it, she said that it reminded her of the Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli crisps which, if you’ve ever tried them, are addictive.

This soup has become a firm favourite, and I often batch cook some on a Sunday to have throughout the week. Trust me when I say that this will beat a regular tin of soup, every time!

Sweet potatoes (ingredients for soup)


Serves 4
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 4 sweet potatoes
  • 1 red onion
  • 2 tablespoons Thai red curry paste
  • 1 tin (400ml) coconut/light coconut milk
  • Salt and pepper for seasoning


  1. Place a pan on a medium-high heat. Peel and roughly dice the sweet potatoes.
  2. Add the coconut oil to the pan and heat before adding in the sweet potatoes.
  3. As the sweet potatoes fry, roughly chop the onion and add it to the pan.
  4. Season with salt and pepper (the salt will release water from the onions to prevent burning). Fry for 5-10 minutes until the potatoes have golden edges and the onion is translucent.
  5. Add the Thai red curry paste and fry for another 2 minutes. If you want a spicier soup, add more paste or chopped chillies.
  6. Add the coconut milk, stir and leave to simmer for 15-20 minutes. The potatoes should be soft enough to pierce with a knife.
  7. When the potatoes are cooked, take off the heat and cool for 10 minutes.
  8. With a stick blender (you can also transfer to a regular blender), blend until smooth.
  9. Serve immeadiately with bread to dunk. If you’re saving for leftovers, allow to cool before transferring to a container and refrigerating.

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  1. At the moment, my diet consists of any food that doesn’t need chewing. I’ve got teeth issues. So if it’s not yogurt, mousse and icecream, it’s mashed potato and soup! One of my favourites is a variation of sweet potato, so your recipe sounds delicious. I will have to give it a go, and give my usual choice a bit of a change. Sounds rather tasty.


    1. I’m sorry to hear about your teeth issues, it’s very smooth and creamy when blended, although I occasionally miss a piece with the stick blender!


    1. Thanks! I actually came up with this when I had some leftover curry pasta, waste not want not!


    1. Sweet potatoes have become a firm favourite of mine too, I definitely prefer them to regular potatoes!


  2. Yummy, this recipe sounds tasty. I have some sweet potatoes at home and I didn’t know what to do with them so I will definitely try your recipe with less spices.


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